Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Look Back at 2006

Happy New Year's Eve!! 2006 sure went by fast, alot of things have happened in TVB. 2007 is approaching fast, lets look at what happened in 2006.

Return to TVB
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This year, alot of stars have comeback to TVB. Ada Choi, Maggie Siu. and Kevin Cheng have started filming again. Ada did Dance of Passion, but it was suprisingly unsuccessful, although the audience loved her performance, now Ada is starring in Exquisite Beauty set to release in 07. Maggie Siu was also in DOP, and she also did CIB Files, even though it was quite forgettable, her fans were glad to see her back and to prove that she's still got it. Kevin had a very good year, winning the Best Actor at TVB Anniversary, and having 2 successful series. Trimming Success was first warehoused, but when it aired, it was a hit, and Under the Canopy of Love did well too.

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The HK Press have really gone far this year with photos of Gillian Chung changing. This made the publice outraged and people started petitions and the artistes spoke out about it. Alot of crazy things happened, Yumiko Cheng's over exposure and Ella Koon getting harrassed by a fan onstage. The reporters went sure had a good year, creating rumors of rivalry between the stars, and celebrity hook-ups and break-ups, along with Sammul Chan's recent "Betrayal" controversy. It really shows the audience, that maybe being famous isn't so great.

TVB 39th Anniversary

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The TVB Anniversary Awards was shocking to all, as Kevin Cheng won Best Actor, and Charmaine Sheh grabbed Favorite Female Character and Best Actress, leaving Myolie Wu empty handed. Linda Chung won Most Improved Actress, Kenneth Ma received Most Improved Actor, Shirley Yeung got Best Supporting Actress, Kenny Wong Best Supporting Actor, Steven Ma won Favorite Male Character, and LFD got Best Series. Which are deserving, which aren't are left for the fans to decided for themselves.

The Higher You Fly, The Harder You Fall
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Much hyped series like Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion and Maiden's Vow all proved to be disappointments in ratings. Perhaps the most disappointing of all is Dance of Passion, the so-called sequel to the very successful War and Beauty, with ratings as low as the 20's. While warehoused series like Trimming Success was a big hit when it was aired.

La Femme Desperado
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Lets not forget the biggest series of the year. LFD received the highest ratings and brought its cast, Melissa Ng, Sheren Tang, Raymond Lam, and Micheal Tse, much fame and attention. The series focuses on hardships of women, with its charming dialogue and interesting story line, LFD truly deserves the Best Series Award at the 39th TVB Anniversary.


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