Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Stars Speak Out About Imprisonment of 30 Days for Slaughtering and Eating Dog

Credits to The Beehive
Translated by Winter_Stargirl

Imprisoned for 30 Days for Slaughtering and Eating Dog
Artistes Complain About the Light Punishment
Raymond Lam: Its the same as eathing humans

Last month, four middle-aged men cooked two dogs that they had raised themeselves and were arrested by the police. The day before, they were taken to court where the admitted that they had killed the dogs for food and were sentenced to 30 days in jail, becoming the first people in Hong Kong to be charged with the law for cats and dogs since its establishment half a century ago.

Many artists in the entertainment industry have dogs or cats as pets and after this incident was published in a magazine yesterday, many artists were appalled. Twins, Gigi Fu, Leila Tong and others all criticised that the sentence of 30 days is too light and that the sentence should be harsher in order to teach them a lesson. Eunis Chan voiced that the people got the punishment they deserved, while Raymond Lam said that this incident made him fearful and even described it as being, "no different than eating human".

Raymond Lam:
Their punishment should be having to eat as vegetarian for the rest of their lives. "When I saw how these people treated the dogs in the news, I felt scared. They raised the dogs themeselves, how could they eat them? Eating dog meat is no different to eating human, because dogs are the most loyal friends to humans, they have a conscience, killing a dog is no different to murdering a human, so I think being imprisoned for only one month is too light. The people who killed the dogs should also have to eat as vegetarians for the rest of their lives.

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My Thoughts:
Talk about evil! I totally agree with Raymond. They should become vegetarians while they're in jail for the rest of thier lives. Ok, maybe a little harsh. How about 3 years in jail and vegan for life.

The thing I don't get is, dogs and cats are animals, right, and people have to go to jail for killing and eating them, but no one goes to jail for eating cows or pigs or chickens. They're animals too. I mean sure, dogs and cats are closer to us and it seems like they're almost human, but they're still animals. It just doesn't seem fair that we treat dogs and cats and other pets better than the other animals.


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