Monday, July 31, 2006

Quote of the Week

I'm going to start a "Quote of the Week" cuz quotes are fun and meaningful. The first one is:

"Don't suspect the person your relying on. If you suspect, don't rely on that person."
-Sheung Ching-Tong, Safe Guards
I did my best with the translation. It sounds alot better in Viet:

"Dung nguoi khong nghi, nghi nguoi khong dung."

Which translates word for word as:

"Use person/people no/don't suspect, suspect person/people no/don't use."

I chose this quote because I think its very important. Having no one believe you is really sad and hurtful. Plus I really liked that Sheung Ching-Tong(the Chief) in Safe Guards kept using that phrase when others were suspecting Chi(Steven Ma).

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Raymond Lam Not Even Worried About TVB Signing with Mike He

There was a report earlier about Taiwan artist Mike He signing with TVB, leaving Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Kevin Cheng, and Bosco Wong feeling threatened. At a function with Sharon Chan yesterday, relaxed Raymond said, "I won't have any pressure because of that. TVB signs new artists each year. I have cooperated with many TVB artists and many of the newcomers are very good. Besides, Taiwan and Hong Kong are different because even our series are different from each other. It's not a bad idea to bring new elements over." Sharon joked, "Who is Mike He? Is he handsome? Maybe this handsome guy isn't as handsome as my brother (Raymond) !"

Credits to Asianfanatics, Ming Pao, and Xbunnylicious

For those who don't know Mike He, there's a picture below. Sorry Mike He fans, but he's nowhere as good as my Ray and will never be(at least in my heart). But I'm glad he signed with TVB, mayb he'll add alittle freshness. Why do the reporters have to make everything into a competition? Can't all the artists work together peacefully and everyone love everyone? Wait, then the reporters won't have jobs and there'll be more homeless people.
Lol, that was so nice of Sharon to say that. Doesn't Ray look hot in that pic? A little tired, tho. It must be all the filming he has to do.
Picture credits to Asianfanatics and The Orisun

Review: Bar Benders

I finished Bar Benders yesterday and here's a review. I thought it was kinda short tho.

Title: Bar Benders
Episodes: 20
Cast: Adam Cheng, Louisa So, Leila Tong, Sammul Chan

Tseung Man-To(Adam)is a very successful, but greedy lawyer. He just cares about winning instead of justice. Then he runs into some some trouble with the lay and has to do community service. There he meets Chong Hiu Wai(Louisa), a kindhearted something(I totally forgot what she does) at the Legal Aid Department who is also best friend to his daughter, Ting-Ting(Leila), also a lawyer. He and his daughter are on bad terms due to his negligence when she was young. So he tries to win her back by doing good things. Ting-Ting runs into a hot-headed, but righteous van driver name Shun(Sam) and become friends.

The Good:
Leila Tong-My angel!! Love her character and she was great at being mature
and serious.
Adam Cheng-Very funny character. I liked how he changed from good to bad.
Sammul Chan-He is so hot as a gangster. Aslo, much improvement since TA. I really hope he does more series and try to stay away from the evil roles.
Louisa So- Such a kind character. (ok, I like the whole cast)
Cases-They're very touching and not at all boring.

The Bad:
Power Chan-Love the actor, hate the character. I much prefer him as the funny and smart guy in LWOLAP.

The Ugly:
I don't think anyone was ugly in here. Except the guy who played Rex, Leila's first boyfriend. He's so evil. First he cheats, then he causes a patient to become a vegetable and then he lies about it. I didn't like him as the evil great grandson in LWOLAP or that Japanese guy in VV. Why does he have to play evil roles all the time?

Adam+Louisa-They're an OK couple, but I think he looks better with Anne.
Leila+Sam-How cute, but they didn't officially go out. I'll explain in the Y? Y? Y?
Leila+Power-Not alot of sparks there. I thought they're relationship was kinda boring. I mean, he's successful and smart, but they have totally different views about justice.

Leila-Her clothes were boring, but I guess its what a lawyer wears. I liked her clothes in Life Made Simple.
Sammul-His gangster look is so hot. The hightlights in his hair adds to it, also. I really like it when he dresses up w/a blazer, T-shirt, and some jeans.
Angela Tong-Yes, she's in this series playing a supporting role, but I think it was shot before she became popular. I rather like her sophisticated look. She looks good with glasses.

Y? Y? Y?
Why can't Sammul and Leila officially get together? Sure, Leila has alot of baggage, but Sam has been waiting for her for so long. At least they were together on the plane and I can "assume" they end up together.

And the Oscar Goes to...
Best Actress-Its a tie between Leila and Louisa. I can't choose.
Best Actor-Of course, Adam, no doubt about it.
Best Supporting Actor-Power Chan. I want to give it to Sam, but he's not really supporting. I've always liked Power's acting.
Best Supporting Actress-Between Anne and Angela, its Anne.

Sometimes there's a moral to a series and this one is to not be selfish or greedy. Justice is about fairness, not winning.

C it or Skip it?
See! Sea! Si! Its pretty funny and the cases will touch your heart. Do it for Leila, Sam, or Adam.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Hair: Leila Tong

Leila's Hair

Leila has a very cute face and in order to look more mature for her serious roles, she decided to cut her hair.

I think she looks very pretty and elegant w/long hair.

The After:
Pretty cute w/short hair.

Modern Series:
She still had long hair in Aqua Heroes. She looks OK w/bangs.
She first cut her hair for The Last Breakthrough. I think she does look more serious.
In Life Made Simple she plays a very modern and high-fashion girl.
In Bar Benders she plays a serious lawyer.

Ancient Series:
Very simple in Twin of Brothers.

A circus acrobat in Ten Brothers
A bird w/magical powers in The Legend of Love.

Overall, she her ancient look is pretty much the same. Her modern look changes to the type of character she plays.

Tons of credits to Leila-T and AF Gallery

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Hair: Raymond Lam

Ray has a cute smile and he's so adorable, but there is just something wrong w/his hair.

The Before:
Nice and long.

And Then...

Short on the sides and long in the front. Not cool. I just don't like it.

The Ups...
Sometimes he puts it up, and this one is ok, but I don't know about the next one.'s...

Ancient Series

LWOLAP Twin of Brothers LWVB

It's pretty bad, huh. But its not his fault. Blame the hairdressers.
Still, no matter how bad the hair is, I'll always love him.
Credits to Raymond-L, and Michael's Blog for the pix.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Raymond to Sing Themesong for Singing Contest

Raymond to Sing Themesong for Singing Contest
Xiamen Wan Bao

The Fourth International Singing Contest
Opening Ceremony “Meeting Xiamen”

Yesterday, our reporter learned that the Fourth International Singing Contest’s organization committee have already confirmed for Hong Kong artist, Raymond Lam, to sing the theme song “Meeting Xiamen” at the opening ceremony. At the event he will also work together with close to five hundred actors from the Xiamen Choir Group, the Xiamen Ai Yue Orchestra and the Xiamen Dance Theatre to perform a drama.

Raymond Lam’s characters in A Step into the Past, Twin of Brothers and other series have all left deep impressions upon the audience. He was a student of the Xiamen University and back then he was also the winner of Xiamen’s “Schools’ Top Ten Singers.” Raymond values this opportunity to perform very much and he specially flew to Shanghai to learn from treble singer Zhu Feng Bo and her husband and Shanghai Opera’s former chairman, Shi Hong E, training hard for his singing.

Accordingly, Raymond will be arriving in Xiamen at two o’clock on the 25th. Xiamen’s fans of Raymond’s will be able to receive him at the airport.

Credits to The Beehive and Asianfanatics

Raymond to Sing Themesong for Singing Contest
Xiamen Wan Bao

The Fourth International Singing Contest
Opening Ceremony “Meeting Xiamen”

Yesterday, our reporter learned that the Fourth International Singing Contest’s organization committee have already confirmed for Hong Kong artist, Raymond Lam, to sing the theme song “Meeting Xiamen” at the opening ceremony. At the event he will also work together with close to five hundred actors from the Xiamen Choir Group, the Xiamen Ai Yue Orchestra and the Xiamen Dance Theatre to perform a drama.

Raymond Lam’s characters in A Step into the Past, Twin of Brothers and other series have all left deep impressions upon the audience. He was a student of the Xiamen University and back then he was also the winner of Xiamen’s “Schools’ Top Ten Singers.” Raymond values this opportunity to perform very much and he specially flew to Shanghai to learn from treble singer Zhu Feng Bo and her husband and Shanghai Opera’s former chairman, Shi Hong E, training hard for his singing.

Accordingly, Raymond will be arriving in Xiamen at two o’clock on the 25th. Xiamen’s fans of Raymond’s will be able to receive him at the airport.

Credits to The Beehive and Asianfanatics

Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Exciting Life... Or Not

Amish for a Day... Or Just 2 hours
A True Story About Last Night
Featuring Tweety

It was just a boring, normal, night. I was watching Shanghai Noon(starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson) on DVD when the electricity suddenly went out.

I am not afraid of the dark, but someone *cough*my brother*cough* in my family is. Then I remembered we had some candles lying around. We felt and bumped our way to the kitchen to get the lighter and the candles. Finally there was light.

Now the only thing left to do is wait and try to go to sleep. But it was way too hot. Here in Nevada, its ninety-something degrees at night. So I thought about the Amish people. The Amish are people who choose to live in the colonial times. That means no electricity, running water, or any modern 21st century stuff, not even clothes. Why would they do it? My guess is they want a simple life without having to worry about money or anything. You see, they grow crops and raise cattles for food and they build their own houses. Its hard labor, but they like it that way. Or perhaps it has something to do with their religion. Don't really know.

Why am I talking about Amish people? Don't worry, I'm not going Amish. I could never live with out my computer and TVB series. And especially without air conditioning. I was just bored.

After 3 hours, the electricity came back and I went to sleep. It was, after all, 12 pm. All I want to say now is "Bless you, Thomas Edison (guy who invented the lightbulb) and whoever invented the A/C."

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Avril Lavigne Gets Hitched! (So off topic)

I know this has nothing to do with TVB, but who cares. I'm a huge fan of Avril Lavigne so of course I have to post this.

July 15, 2006

Avril Lavigne is a blushing bride! The 21-year-old Canadian rocker wed Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley on Saturday.

The musical pair tied the knot in the exclusive area of Montecito, CA, near Santa Barbara, in front of nearly 100 guests. People magazine reports that the punk princess walked down the aisle with her father, JOHN, while the traditional "Wedding March" played.

This time, the only neckties were worn by the male guests. According to People, the fashion forward pop star, known for wearing ties and sneakers, reportedly looked fetching in a Vera Wang gown with a bouquet of white roses in her hands.

The Ontario, Canada natives, who have been dating since February 2004, were officially engaged last year, when Deryck proposed to Avril while she was finishing up the last leg of her "Bonez" tour in Europe.

Earlier reports had suggested the wedding would take place in late August, but media attention apparently spurred the couple to move up the date. Friends and family of the pair were reportedly notified days ago of the plan and were told to book their tickets immediately for Santa Barbara, where the Grammy® nominee and her punk rock groom bought a house together last year.

Credits to The Insider

Congrats to the newlyweds. But I think 21 is alittle too young to get married. All well, as long as they're happy. And they look so cute together! Btw u can listen to Avril's song "My Happy Ending" on my playlist. The meaning of the song is quite the opposite of the wedding mood, but none of her songs fit the mood. She's kinda of a punk-rock girl. It's also my favorite Avril song.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Raymond Lam: Links

There sure are alot of links for Ray, but most of them are Chinese (boohoo).

Fung's Label-This is Ray's official site. It has a ton of Ray stuff and it's in Chinese and English, but mostly Chinese.

Fansites site provides lots of Ray stuff too, but not as much as Fung's Label. It's great for English-speakers! on hiatus cuz some idiot hacked it on April's Fool Day. Arg, it's a great site too.

Fung House-A Vietnamese forum for Ray
Raymond's Forest-Chinese
52Raymond-52 in Cantonese means "I Love" in Mandarin... or the other way around ( I learned it from The Bitter Bitten). Chinese w/an English corner
Fung-Castle-Chinese again, Chinese

The Beehive-Lots of News and translated articles on Ray by the awesome Winter_Stargirl. English of course.
Michael's Blog-Also tons of news, Chinese.


Friday, July 14, 2006

Raymond Speaks about Reporter Breaking Into Hotel Room

I don't know what to write about so here are some news about Raymond along with my comments.

Raymond Speaks About Reporter Breaking Into Hotel Room

Raymond Lam Fung has always been under intense scrutiny by the paparazzi. Despite filming in Shanghai for the last half year, Raymond still could not escape the paparazzi. Last month in Shanghai, the paparazzi tried to break into Raymond's hotel room to take photos. But it turns out that the reporter broke into a crew member's room instead, making Raymond laugh.

Raymond joked that he is now like a native Shanghai boy, "At first, I was not used to the lifestyle in Shanghai. But now, my Shanghainese is quite proficient!"

"When I was filming 'New Breath of Love,' with Tammy Chen, I was originally sharing a room with a production crew member. However, there were a few scenes shot in the central city area, so to increase convenience, I stayed at a relative's house for a few days. However, the paparazzi thought I was still staying at the hotel. When the cleaning staff was cleaning the hotel room, a reporter broke inside and took some photos of the room. At that point, I was no longer staying at the hotel! I could only laugh after hearing about the incident."

"I knew that the paparazzi was following me around quite closely, but I could only let them do so! All the photos that they took were at work or when I'm eating lunch! I can't be too concerned about their behavior."

Hoping for a Long Vacation

Raymond has not had a vacation for 2 years and his biggest wish now is to have some free time off. However, his work schedule is filled until April 2007 and if he were to take a break, it would not be until the middle of next year.

In the new upcoming 40 episode series, Raymond will be acting as a lawyer. Wishing for a vacation, Raymond hopes that it will give him some free time to improve his acting and immerse into his roles better.

"Since I have been filming series back to back, especially while filming in Shanghai for 6 months, it has alienated me from the outside world. When I returned to Hong Kong, I couldn't remember the roads while driving. I felt that my [reactions] became slower. If I can take a vacation and recharge, taking in new experiences, perhaps it will increase my ability to portray characters better."

"If I were to portray a character similiar to my character in 'La Femme Desperado' again, perhaps I would be able to approach it from a different angle! Only new stimulus will lead to improvement!"

Music Album

Earlier Raymond was in Canada for a concert and the fans welcomed his performance immensely. "I have sang several theme songs in the past, so I am quite familiar with singing. I would love to release a music album, but that is dependent on [TVB's] plans. But I have continued to practice my singing skills, as I will often sing at fans' gatherings."

Omg. How could they juz break into someone's hotel room like that? If the reporter was in the US they would get sued. I would definitely sue them. But it was funny.
Is it me or is Ray too skinny. He really needs a vacation. Can't TVB give him a break?
It would be so great if Ray releases an album! He sings way better than the other TVB artists that have released an album *cough*Ron*cough* Sorry Ron fans.

Oops. I forgot to put the credits. How ungrateful of me.
Credits to and
Muchos Gracias (Much Thanks in Spanish)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Raymond Lam: Downloads *Updated

Ok, now that Savefile is down all my files are gone. Luckily, I uploaded my Ray songs to Filelodge before so I still have them. Here's the link to my account on Filelodge, please don't delete my files or mess with anything. Just right click the link and Save File As. Ray Songs.

I realized that Filelodge isn't very good for downloading. So I uploaded all the Ray songs to Savefile and it's all on one ez link. Ray Songs

As you all know, the multi-talented Raymond is not only a good actor, but also a great singer. He has a total of 9 songs, but no albums (cry). After many hours of downloading and uploading, I can finally present you with Ray's songs.
I don't know Chinese, and i believe some songs require the understanding of the lyrics to be completely enjoyed so you might not agree with my opinions. o and i may be alittle bias cuz i'm a huge ray fan.

Stolen Love- i love it!! it's... umm... how do i describe it? it's slow, but very good(well, of course, it's Ray) his voice in here is alittle higher. Check it our yourself. btw, its the background music.

Eternal Happiness- It's slow, but the beat is nice.

Survivor's Law- also a slow tune, but still good.

Twin of Brothers- at first i thought Ron sang this one it kinda sounded like him. i don't really like this one. don't know y. its ok i guess. it's very upbeat.

Lofty Water Verdant Bow- i like this one more than TOB. i also don't know y. i guess i like the tune more.

The Last Breakthrough- Love this one!! kinda bias cuz i loved the series, but all well. it's my blog.

Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion- this one really fits the series so i like it. i also loved the series.

LWOLAP Sub (AKA Realize)- Awesome!! my fav. Ray song so far.

Vegabond Vigilante- I wasn't sure Ray sang this one, but Alice reassured me. It's kinda short, but still good.

My Faves:
1) Realize(LWOLAP Sub)
2)The Last Breakthrough
3)Stolen Love
4)Eternal Happiness Sub

Credits to TVB-Magic and AliceChen's Blog

Star of the Week: Raymond Lam!!

Name: Lam Fung, Raymond
Nicknames: Fung jai, chocolate
Brithdate: 8 December 1979
Birthplace: Xiamen, China
Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing
Talent: Singing, Swimming
Languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Taiwanese

Food: Japanese, jubes
Colours: black, blue, white
Animals: cats, dogs, horses
Sports: Swimming, Cycling, Horse Riding, Basketball, Ice Skating
Actors: Chow Yun Fat, Sean Connery
Singer: Elvis Presley
Countries: China (Xiamen), Japan, Italy
TV series: Twin of Brothers

In Kenya filming "The Last Breakthrough" and also filming a documentary on "Dinosaur Island"

TVB's favourite character - Kau Jong in Twin of Brothers (2004)
TVB's favourite most improved actor (2003


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

TBB: Review

Here's the review for The Bitter Bitten. Warning: Contains lots of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Bitter Bitten
By Loony

Cast: Benny Chan-Hill, Michael Tong-Sing, Shirley Yeung-Joey, Linda Chung-Dan Dan

Hill and Sing are rich guys who won’t settle down. After vacationing in the US their families force them to work for their companies. They end up in Panyu where Sing’s uncle runs a zoo. While they work in the zoo they run into Joey, an archeologist student, and her teacher. Joey and her teacher are searching for the long lost bronze head statues of China. Hill and Sing, wanting some adventure, joins them. Turns out the bronze heads are related to the Ten Tiger’s Treasure.
Sing also meets and falls in love with Dan Dan, an acrobat in the circus, but after many attempts to win her heart, Sing fails pitifully. Meanwhile, Joey suffers a heartbreak from her cheating boyfriend and later falls for Hill who likes Dan Dan.

The Good:
The Clues- Every clue was really hard to find and sometimes I didn’t understand how they figure out the riddles cause it had a lot to do with Chinese letters and symbols. But I have to hand it to the scriptwriters. How did they ever think of all those clues.

Shirley Yeung- She is so funny! I love her character. She did an excellent job. I’ve always liked Shirley’s acting, but TVB doesn’t promote her enough. I mean how could she not be included in the Lady in Red CD. Her theme song was excellent. I love it.

Michael Tong- Micheal has always played a supporting role and he’s quite good at it, but when given the chance he can be quite good at a leading role. He was very funny and portrayed his player role well. I love it when he fights with Shirley. They make a very funny couple.

The Zoo- I love that this series talks about the animals in the zoo and how they raise them. They are so cute! I love the white tigers the most.

The Action-When they’re in the cave with the gang members looking for the treasure, there was a lot of fighting. I love it.

The Bad:
Sing’s uncle-At first he was really nice, but when they found the treasure he was really greedy and even threatened to kill his best friend and savior, Hill’s grandpa. But in the end he took a bullet for the grandpa and became good again.

The Ugly:
Dan Dan’s brother-At first all he wanted was to be with Dan Dan (non-biological sis), but then he couldn’t have her and he wanted revenge and money. He was mad at Hill for stealing Dan Dan and he wants to kill him. In the end he fell of the bridge into an abyss, but he still tried to shoot Hill.

That Gang Leader (don’t know his name)- He was money hungry and evil. In the end he was buried with the treasure. I don’t like greedy people.

Shirley Yeung-I love all of Shirley’s outfits. They’re modern and chic. Very cool. I esp. like her camouflage outfits and her boots.

Linda Chung-Her clothes are simple and ok. I guess they do fit her character. Innocent and simple. But I really like her wedding dress. Better than Shirley’s .

And the Oscar Goes To…
Best Actor- Benny Chan and Micheal Tong. He did a good job as always and I have to say this is Micheal Tong’s breakthrough series.

Best Actress- Shirley Yeung. Funny and beautiful Shirley is definitely a winner here and the Miss HK pageant.

Best Chemistry-Shirley and Micheal. I love this couple. They fight, but its just tough love.

Best Supporting Character-Stephen Au. He is good at being evil. I also liked him in The Legend of Love. You know not a lot of people give credit to the evil role actors. It’s not as easy as it looks.

The Ending:
I loved it. After action-filled scenes in the cave, came very touching moments with the 2 couples. Then it’s the wedding! Very cute and sweet.

See it or Skip it:
If your looking for a series with a lot of comedy, this is the series for you. The story is great and I think you’ll like it.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Bitter Bitten: Downloads

Here's the theme and sub songs to TBB:

Just Need to Be With You By Shirley Yeung (Full Version) very catchy and upbeat
Love You By David Tao slow and sweet


Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Bitter Bitten: Characters

Hill is the smart one. He's the one that figures out most of the clues. He has one weakness tho and it's his fear of heights.
I think Benny is a great actor. I'm glad he's back with TVB. I missed him for awhile.
Dan Dan is a innocent simple girl. She is poor and has to join the circus when she was small. She is an acrobat in Fei Sing, the circus at the zoo.
I think she is way too innocent. Her character is kind of weak to me. Linda should start playing more strong roles to stand out and become popular.

Sing is a player and best friends with Hill. He later meets Dan Dan and falls madly in love with her. He changes his ways and starts to be serious.
This is really Micheal Tong's first leading role and he did great. I find him very funny. esp. with Shirley.
Joey is an archeologist student. She had a boyfriend who cheats on her and she's heartbroken. On the outside she's a tough cookie, but on the inside she just wants to be loved.
I really started liking Shirley since Always Ready. I didn't know she can be so funny. She also sings well. I love the themesong!

Series of the Week: The Bitter Bitten

Name: The Bitter Bitten*
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: TVB 2006
Cast: Benny Chan-Hill, Micheal Tong-Sing, Shirley Yeung-Joey, Linda Chung-Dan Dan**

Hill and Sing are rich guys who won't settle down. After vacationing in the US their families are forcing them to work for their companies. They end up in Panyu where Sing's uncle runs a zoo. While working in the zoo, Hill and Sing run into Joey, an archeologist student, and her teacher. They are looking for the long lost bronze head statues of China. Turns out it is related to the Ten Tigers treasure. Hill and Sing joins them in the hunt for the treasure.
Sing later meets and falls in love with Dan Dan, an acrobat in the circus that performs at the zoo, but Dan Dan rejects him time after time. While Joey suffers from a heartbreak and then falls for Hill who likes Dan Dan.

*I'm not sure how to pronounce the name. At first I thought it was "The Bit-Ter Bitten", but then again it could be "The Bite-er Bitten". The second one seems to make more sense. But the spelling is Bit-ter. I don't know. Just call it whatever you want.

**Her name is pronounced Dan Dan, but the english subtitle is Tan. I like Dan Dan better.

New Week!

It's Sunday! Wow last week went by fast. It's always puzzled me why Sunday is the start of the new week, but not Monday. Hmm. All well. They make the rules, I follow them.
A new week means a new Series of the Week. I was going to let you guys decide what series it should be, but there's not much to choose from. Right now I'm watching Vegabond Vigilante and I just finished The Bitter Bitten. Guess which one it is? Btw, I need help deciding who should be the next Star of the Week. So scroll down and vote. tanx!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Steven Ma: More Downloads

During the time I was doing the review, I managed to squeeze in(downloading and uploading) 2 more songs. Here they are:

*Better Halves Sub (With Maggie Cheung)
*On the Track or Off
Perish in the Name of Love (With Charmaine Sheh)
Perish in the Name of Love (Sub)
Better Halves
Where the Legend Begins

I just can't find any Steven Ma fansites. Sorry. I'm also working on The Bitter Bitten review. So look forward to that.

Safe Guard: Review

Safe Guards Review
By Loony

Cast: Steven Ma-Sheung Chi, Elaine Yiu-Lei Cheung Fung, Wayne Lai-Sheung Chung, Lai Lok Yi-Sheung Yee, Ben Wong-Sheung Hau

Back in the ancient times of China people deliver supplies by horses and carts. There is a delivering bureau call Wui Yau. The Chief of the bureau is old and has to decide who to give the bureau to. He has four sons; Sheung Chung, Sheung Hau, Sheung Chi, and Sheung Yee.

Sheung Chung is not very smart or capable of handling the bureau. He always gets into trouble and Sheung Chi has to get him out of it.
Sheung Hau is the son of the 2nd wife and he’s rather, unfortunately he had an affair with a married woman and got her pregnant. Then he conspired to kill her husband so no one would know. Not only that, till the very end he wouldn’t admit he was wrong.
Sheung Chi is the smartest of all the brothers. He’s always the one solving all the obstacles of the bureau., but he is only and adopted son.
Sheung Yee has been studying overseas and knows nothing about the bureau .

Meanwhile the bureau faces problem after problem, but those problems also help the Chief decide who should get the keys.

The Good:
Steven Ma- He was excellent in this series. I just fell in love with his character. The way he solves all the obstacles and he does it in a very dramatic way. For example he either yells and give a good speech, cries (in a very touching way), or even burn the very important cargo.

Wayne Lai- His character was very annoying in the beginning because he was always mean to Steven and doesn’t appreciate all that he does for him. But after he almost had to die, he becomes a much better person. My favorite speech was when he handed over the keys to Steven.

The 3rd Uncle- The 3rd uncle is very smart, but also quite lazy. He doesn’t like to be bothered with the bureau’s problems and prefers to spend time playing with his birds or fishing. But he’s the one everyone goes to when they need help and eventually he comes through with a good plan. Although he always puts it in a riddle of some kind. I find him to be very funny and I love it when he fights with his wife.

The Chaos- Every time there is a problem it just grows and grows till there is a riot. I love all the excitement and suspense it creates. I’m always wondering “How are they going to get out of this?” or “What can possibly happen next?”. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and I just love that in a series.

The Bad:
Elaine Yiu- 2 words: Bad Acting (esp. crying). How did she become the lead actress? What were the producers thinking? Absolutely no chemistry with Steven Ma. But don’t skip the series cuz of her. Everyone else did a great job and the story is wonderful.

The Mother- She just annoys me. The promise she made Steven keep about taking the blame for Wayne was nerve racking, but I really started not liking her when she went on a hunger strike to get Wayne the keys and Steven had to beg her to eat (btw, the speech where he was crying and on his knees was awesome). After that she keeps whining and getting mad for no reason.

And The Ugly:
Sheung Hau- What he did was so wrong, but he doesn’t feel guilty at all. Then he puts up this act, like he’s innocent. But it doesn’t stop there, when his dad was dying, he cried and begged his dad for forgiveness just so he can get the keys. It was all fake. After that he started stirring up trouble for the bureau.

The 1st Uncle: The nosy , no life, jerk that has nothing else to do, but cause trouble for the bureau. He does it all out of jealousy that he didn’t get to become Chief. He thinks that he didn’t get it because he was born prematurely and his father thought he was not his biological father, but he fact he really wasn’t biological.

Steven Ma- I like all of his outfits esp. the blue one in the beginning mostly cuz I like blu and he looks great in it. All the other ones looked good too, but in the end he had this totally brown outfit. Uh-uh. Horrible. I would think that now that he’s richer he would have better clothing, but I guess not.

Elaine Yiu- In the beginning she was had this tattered green outfit that made her look really skinny, but I guess it sorta fit’s the character. After she marries Steven her outfit was way prettier and she wasn’t anorexic looking.

The End:
A very good ending. Like I said it was total chaos, but somehow they were able to get through it. But I found one unreasonable thing. Why did the 3rd uncle’s wife had to die? I know she sacrificed herself for the bureau, but she didn’t have to die. It was so sad. I guess it was for the 3rd uncle to grow up and stop being so lazy. Another thing that was kinda weird, they kept going “1 year later” “3 years later” “1 year late”. I was like ‘Omg. When’s it going to end?’’ I really liked that Steven took care of Shueng Hau’s child even tho he was so evil. That was really sweet. And he even treated him like his own. I also loved the part where they read the Chief’s will out loud mostly cuz I love to watch the villain’s downfall.

And the Oscar goes to…
Best Actor- Steven Ma. His crying, his speeches, his intense look. It was all awesome. My fav. Steven series for sure.

Best Supporting Actor- Wayne Lai. I have to admit, he is the best supporting actor in all of TVB. I’m just sad that he never gets a leading role. Wayne is definitely very versatile. He can be evil, dumb, pitiful, and smart all in one series.

See or skip:
MUST SEE!! If you don’t like Elaine, just ignore her. Don’t let her get in the way of a really good series. Do it for Steven or Wayne. You just have to see it.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Steven Ma: Downloads

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I was busy downloading and uploading Steven Ma songs. Boy did it take long. Unfortuanately I don't have alot of patience (and the last Safe Guards videos are out so I had to watch it) so I only got 4 songs. Here they are:

Perish in the Name of Love (With Charmaine Sheh)
Perish in the Name of Love (Sub)
Better Halves
Where the Legend Begins

Mayb, if I'm not too lazy, I'll upload more songs tomorrow. If you want more songs I recommend Tvb-Magic. It's a great site for TVB song downloads and it's got other songs too. Also, I've added some polls. Be sure to vote.

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Steven Ma Pix

Here are some pix of Steven:

For more pix go to or visit the Steven's album at the Asianfanatics gallery.

Here are some links:
Perish in the Name of Love Fansite (English)
Better Halves Fansite (English)
Virtues of Harmony 2 (English)

Currently I haven't found any Steven Ma Fansites, but when I do I'll tell you. O and i forgot to put that Steven was also in Virtues of Harmony 2.
For more info on Steven check out

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TVB Star of the Week!

This is my first TVB Star of the Week. And the star is.... Steven Ma!!

Name: Steven Ma Chun Wai
Real Name: Steven Ma Chi Wai
English Name: Steven Ma
Vietnamese Name: Ma Tuan Vi
Vietnamese Real Name: Ma Chi Vi
Nick Name: Ma Jai(Horse Boy)
Date of Birth: October 26th, 1971 (8th Day of Lunar 9th Month)
Birth Place: Hong Kong
Zodiac Sign: Pig
Horoscope Sign: Scorpio
Native Dialect: Chiu Chow (Teochew)

Languages: Cantonese, Putonghua, English
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 64 Kg
Hobbies: Singing, Painting, Badmington, Tennis

Healing Hands I (1998)
The Duke of Mount Deer (1998)
Ultra Protection (1999)

Return of the Cuckoo (2000)
In the Realm of Success(2001)
On the Track or Off(2001)
Where the Legend Begins(2002)
Better Halves(2003)
Perish in the Name of Love(2003)
Virtues of Harmony II(2003)

Safe Guards (2005)

credits to and

Safe Guards: Download


Themesong By Steven Ma

Lyrics w/pinyin:

群(kwan) 英(ying) 中(jung) 渴(hot) 望(mong) 上(seung) 天(tin) 多(doh) 讚(jaan) 頌(jung)
若(yeuk) 權(kuen) 力(lik) 倚(yi) 重(chung) 世(sai) 上(seung) 誰(sui) 亦(yik) 會(wooi) 心(sam) 動(dung)
迎(ying) 風(fung) 不(bat) 怕(pa) 路(lo) 途(to) 崎(kei) 嶇(kui) 作(jok) 弄(lung) 命(ming) 如(yue) 在(joi) 箭(jin) 上(seung) 流(lau) 動(dung)

*   道(do) 別(bit) 才(choi) 遇(yue) 上(seung) 伴(boon) 隨(chui) 著(jeuk/jue) 思(si) 鄉(heung)    
路(lo) 遙(yiu) 別(bit) 慌(fong) 張(jeung) 寄(gei) 望(mong) 天(tin) 上(seung)    
日(yat) 夜(ye) 尋(cham) 路(lo) 向(heung)靜(jing) 如(yue) 大(daai) 海(hoi) 中(jung) 找(jaau) 到(do) 鏗(hang) 鏘(jeung) 直(jik) 到(do) 天(tin) 亮(leung)    
多(doh) 少(siu) 風(fung) 與(yue) 霜(seung) 亦(yik) 自(ji) 強(keung)    
得(dak) 不(bat) 到(do) 拍(paak) 掌(jeung) 聲(seng/sing) 覓(mik) 真(jan) 相(seung)    
豪(ho) 傑(git) 以(yi) 盟(mang) 約(yeuk) 再(joi) 照(jiu) 亮(leung)    
日(yat) 月(yuet) 歸(gwai) 於(yue) 心(sam) 那(na) 路(lo) 向(heung)尋(cham) 覓(mik) 到(do) 會(wooi) 友(yau) 之(ji) 鄉(heung)

望(mong) 星(sing) 空(hung) 盼(paan) 浪(long) 潮(chiu) 早(jo) 點(dim) 散(saan) 盡(jun)
若(yeuk) 然(yin) 敵(dik) 不(bat) 動(dung) 我(ngoh) 亦(yik) 無(mo) 意(yi) 去(hui) 找(jaau) 弄(lung)
群(kwan) 星(sing) 中(jung) 照(jiu) 耀(yiu) 著(jeuk/jue) 多(doh) 少(siu) 個(goh) 夢(mung)    
蕩(dong) 如(yue) 亂(luen) 世(sai) 在(joi) 浮(fau) 動(dung)

Repeat  *

多(doh) 少(siu) 悲(bei) 與(yue) 傷(seung)
亦(yik) 翱(ngo) 翔(cheung) 得(dak) 失(sat) 總(jung) 有(yau) 獎(jeung) 賞(seung)    
覓(mik) 方(fong) 向(heung) 承(sing) 諾(nok) 了(liu) 盟(mang) 約(yeuk)      
永(wing) 照(jiu) 亮(leung) 日(yat) 月(yuet) 歸(gwai) 於(yue) 心(sam) 那(na) 路(lo) 向(heung)    
成(sing) 敗(baai) 與(yue) 榮(wing) 耀(yiu) 共(gung) 享(heung)

For those who want the translation, sorry. I don't understand chinese either and those online translators are too confusing. If you want you can try it yourself. Here's the link for an online translator:

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Safe Guards: Characters(cont.)

Characters continued...

Sheung Ching-Tong is the head chief. He's the one who has to decide which one of his four sons to give the keys to. He maybe old, but he can still tell the good sons from the bad. Sometimes he can be indecisive and grumpy, but he means well. Ching-Tong still loves all of his sons equally.
At first I didn't like him because he keeps blaming Chi and giving him hard tasks. But after he decided to fight instead of giving Cheung Fung to the bad guys, I started to like him. Sometimes he can be very funny.

Um.. I forgot his name, but I know he's the 3rd uncle (Ching-Tong's little brother). He is often a laid back guy who doesn't like to work, but he's very smart. Whenever Chi or Ching-Tong is in trouble they always come to him for help. He tends to help them in a riddle like kind of a way. Nothing he says really makes sense.
I find him very funny and different from his brothers. I like how he pokes fun at the others when they're in trouble and stuff.

I don't know her name, but she's the old lady. She only has one son, Chung, and she will do anything to protect him. Even going on a hunger strike to get the keys for him. In the end, Chi convinced her that if Chung becomes the chief he will probably end up in deep trouble and die.
I don't really like her cause she spoils Chung and she even asked Chi to take the blame for Chung if he gets in trouble.

He's the 1st uncle(older brother to Ching-Tong). Because when he was born his father got bad luck, he didn't receive the keys to the bureau, and he has always held a grudge. So he always stirrs up trouble and spread rumors.
Since he's the bad guy, I find him very annoying. Does he have nothing else to do, but start trouble. Sometimes I just want to beat him up.

credits to for the pictures.