Thursday, August 31, 2006

Star of the Week: Bosco Wong

I haven't done a Star of the Week since...a long time ago. I've decided on Bosco because 1)he ROCKS!! and 2)I'm planning on doing Au Revoir Shanghai for my next Series of the Week.

Bosco Wong

Name: Bosco Wong Chung Chak
Chinese Name: 黃宗澤
Nick Names: Ah Co, Ah Fei [Meaning: Chubby]
Date of Birth: December 13th, 1980
Place of Birth: St. Teresa’s Hospital (法國醫院), Hong Kong
Height: 180 cm (5′11″)
Weight: 160 lbs
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Blood Type: AB
Languages: Cantonese, English, a little Mandarin
Location: New Territories, Hong Kong
Family: Mother and Father
Clothing Size: M-L
Shoes Size: 42 (UK) or 9 (US)
Hobbies: Singing, Swimming, Basketball (Anything that makes him happy)
Knacks: Cooking
Catch Phrase: “Oh! No~”, “你話係唔係先?” [Meaning: Don’t you think so?], “I’m so sorry!”
Education: Graduated from Form 7 (Grade 13)
Elementary School: Ng Wah Catholic Primary School (伍華小學)
Secondary School: C.C.C. Kei Heep Secondary School (中華基督教會基協中學)
Childhood Dream: To become a Western chef
Leisure Activities: Gym, sun-tanning, watch TV
Things He Does When He Goes Home: Sleep, play mixing, watch TV

Credits to

Monday, August 28, 2006

Review: Dream of Colours

Dream of Colours
By Loony

Cast: Myolie Wu, Tse Kwan Ho, Melissa Ng, Rain Li, Sharon Chan, Kenneth Ma, Chris Lai

Aspiring designers, Michelle Ku, Phoebe Lui, and Ella Kwan, work under the famous fashion designer, Nick Yau. Nick is tough on his students, especially his mentor’s granddaughter, Michelle.
They face many obstacles in the fashion industry, but they overcome it all with each other’s help and as they spend more time together, Nick and Michelle develop feelings for each other. Nick’s girlfriend, Elaine Poon, is heartbroken.

The Good…
Myolie Wu-Myolie was very cute in here, but I think her character is just an average leading role. You know, the "underdog" that works hard and becomes the "hero".

The themesong-very catchy and fitting to this series.

The Bad…
Sharon’s Character-How evil is she? I hate how she sets a trap for Myolie and then pretends she doesn’t know anything about it.

The Ugly…
Nothing too ugly here.

Y, Y, Y?
Sharon turning from bad to good-I know Kenneth’s car accident, probably changed her and everything, but I still think it happened to quickly. All of a sudden she’s forgiven and they’re all best friends. I don’t buy it.

Myolie + Tse Kwan Ho-Ehh, I think he looks better with Melissa.

Rain Li + Chris Lai-One word: cute!! I love how they fought and then helped each other out with modeling. I always like the "supporting couple". You know, the ones that always fight, but end up together.

Chris Lai + Myolie-They have a very good relationship as brother and sisters, and I like that. Makes me wish I’m closer to my brother...yeah, right.

Sharon + Kenneth-He’s just too good for her.

I’ve got to admit, this series has the best fashions. Well, I guess it kinda has to. By the way, is it me or are the girls in here really tall and skinny? They should be models instead of designers.

Melissa-Being a model, she has to dress chic and modern, and she does, but why does she always wear a hat or bandana.

Myolie-She likes to wear these big poncho-like tops, I guess they were “in” then. Not bad, but I wonder why she always has this thing on her wrist. At first I thought it was a scrungie, but I guess not.

Sharon-She likes to wear these long, tight-around-the-waist tops. It works for her cause she’s really skinny.

Rain-I like her wardrobe the best, very fun and flirty. I also like it when she wears her hair in 2 buns with a pink headband.

And the Oscar goes to…
Sorry, but I don’t think anyone of the cast deserve an Oscar.

C it or Skip it?
Overall, its an ok series. If your into fashion and stuff, watch it.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dream of Colours: Themevideo

Paired up with the themesong, the themevideo is very nice. Check it out.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dream of Colours: Downloads

Most of you probably already know that Savefile is down and all the files are lost. So most of my download links don't work. I'm very sad cause I don't have back-ups for some of my files so I have to download and then upload them again. I think I only have a few without back-ups(always back up your files no matter what). I'm not mad at Savefile cause its not their fault, just very depressed. Anyway, I got the 2 Dream of Color songs onto filelodge for you guys. Just right click the link and then Save File As. Enjoy!!

Dream of Colours(main theme) by Rain Li
Dream of Colours(sub) by Rebecca Blaylock, english

Friday, August 25, 2006

Dream of Colours: Characters

Dream of Colours

Nick Yau-A tough and cold, but sometimes caring fashion designer. He has very high expectations on the new designers at Nee, especially his mentor's grand daughter, Michelle.
I think his character is very boring. I'm so sick of the smart and respected type.

Michelle Ku-She started out as a carefree girl who doesn't know what to do with her life. Then she meets Phoebe and Ella, new designers, and becomes great friends. Seeing them design clothes, makes her want to become a designer too. Even though she has absolutely no experience with designing, Michelle is determined to be a fashion designer and tries very hard to overcome the obstacles in the fashion industry, with the help of her mentor, Nick, and her friends.
I like that she's hard working and helpful to others.

Ella Kwan-A talented designer, but she's always bitter and jealous of Michelle because she thinks Michelle's success is from luck, and she's better than Michelle. Ella tries to trick and set Michelle up the whole time while pretending to be her friend.
I didn't like Sharon before, and now I dislike her even more. She's just plain evil in here.

Phoebe Lui-She's not as talented or serious about designing as Ella, but she's alot nicer.
She has a very bubblly personality which makes her very cute. I love how she sings when she's nervous. I also love how she fights with Chris Lai.

Elaine Poon-A model and Nick's girlfriend of 10 years. After meeting Michelle, Elaine feels that Nick doesn't love her as much as before and their love has long faded. So she decides to break up with him, and her long time friend, Mario, comes to woo her.
I feel bad for her because all of a suddenly her boyfriend got stolen and she wasted 10 yaears with him.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Series of the Week: Dream of Colours

I haven't done a Series of the Week in a long time. I decided to do Dream of Colours instead of DOP because its kinda disappointing me right now.

Dream of Colours

Title: Dream of Colours, Ha Yat Cham Choi Hung, Mong Mo Anh Hong
Broadcast: TVB-2004
Episodes: 20
Cast: Myolie Wu, Tse Kwan Ho, Melissa Ng, Sharon Chan, Rain Li, Kenneth Ma, Chris Lai

Story: Michelle Ku(Myolie), Phoebe Lui(Rain), and Ella Kwan(Sharon) are new designers under Nick Yau(Tse Kwan Ho), a famous fashion designer with high expectations. Michelle's grandfather is Nick's mentor so he is especially tough on her.
Michelle, Phoebe, and Ella have to overcome many obstacles to be successful in the fashion industry. As they spend more time with eachother, Michelle and Nick start to develop feelings, and Nick's girlfriend, Elaine Poon(Melissa) is heartbroken.

To be continued...
Credits to Asianfanatics and Hkadb

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cons About Going Back to School

10.Cafeteria food-Most of the time its disgusting, but sometimes they have orange chicken. Which is pretty good. I wonder if they got it at Panda Express. I know they get pizza from Pizza Hut. The side dishes are good tho.

9.Tests-Barf. I'm not talking about the tests the teachers make up, I'm talking about those long boring tests that the school district makes you take. They're easy, but really time consuming. You have to sit in class for hours and there are lots of them too. They come one after another and it drives me nuts.

8.Walking home-Ok, its only 3 blocks, but I'd rather get a ride. Unfortuanately my parents have to work so I have to walk. But I'm always scared of forgetting my keys.

7.Rules-Yuck. Never liked them, but I always follow them. Can you believe I've never gotten detention before. Yep, I'm a goody-tussues(it that how you spell it?). Bite me.

6.Thinking-It hurts my brain. I don't wanna think.

5.Mean Teachers-Ick. I hate it when others are being loud and the whole class gets punished. So unfair. I'm innocent I tell ya. Innocent.

4.Drama-I rarely hardly ever ever fight with my friends, but sometimes my friend fights with my other friend and I'm stuck in between.

3.Less time to blog-BooHoo.

2.Waking up-I'm just not a morning person.

1.Homework-I have homework everyday, courtesy of my math teacher.

Monday, August 21, 2006

So Ashamed

I'm so sorry I haven't been updating and I don't have an excuse for it except that I'm super lazy. You guys must've thought I disappeared or something. Please forgive and forget.

Well, its almost the end of August and that means back to school. I will be starting 8th grade on the 30th so that leaves me with 9 days of freedom left. Actually, I'm kinda glad school is starting. Really miss my friends and stuff. I think 8th grade is going to be fun. But then again, its school.

Here's my lame-excuse for an update, a list of 10 Pros About Going Back to School. Cons will come tomorrow.

10. Nice Teachers-My teachers are always nice to me. Mostly because I do my work and don't fool around. Yep, I'm a total teacher's pet and I'm proud of it.

9. Learning-Not very fond of it, but the more I know, the better right.

8. Getting 8th grade over with/Leaving junior high-Its not like my school is terrible, but I jsut want to move on to high school. It looks more fun and exciting.

7.Field Trips-I don't always like where we go, but at least I don't have to go to class. Plus, the art classes get to go to themeparks.

6.Not being bored-Like I've been all summer. I really hate having nothing to do. It makes me feel so useless. You can say I'm a workaholic, but at least I don't procrastinate. Well, not alot.

5.Helping make the yearbook-I've always been very creative. It is going to be my last year so I like to put a touch of good memories to it.

4.Drama-You guys know I love drama. Especially when it has nothing to do with me. I jsut stand on the sidlines and laugh as my friend suffer from their boyfriend/girlfriend issues. After I had a good laugh, I'd play a therapist and give them advice. Not good advice.

3.Friends-Yay!! I really really miss my friends.*

2.Friends-Hurray! I absolutely love my friends.*

1.FRIENDS-My cozy circle of friends. You can't live without them and you can't live with them.

*OK, so I cheated and put friends in three times, but they're really my biggest pros about school. Plus I couldn't think of anything else.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sound of Colors Opening Video

Here's the MV of Sound of Colors. The song is "Listen With Your Heart" by Van Fan. Don't you just love Ruby's boots?
Sound of Colors Ending Video

I haven't found the download for the ending song yet, but here's the ending mv. The song is call "In Your Eyes(Zai Ni Yan Li)" by Rebecca Hsu.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sound of Colors

I've been watching a series call Sound of Colors starring Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo. Its a Taiwan series, an adaption of Jimmy Lin's comic book. Its about a blind girl and a cartoon artist who has leukemia. Yes, its a tearjerker, but it didn't jerk my tears.

I found this series super boring and totally predictable. From the beginning to the end I just knew what was going to happen, but one thing did surprise me. Why on earth did Wallace live and then end up dying again? That's so stupid. He could've just died, give his corneas (I think that's what they call them) to Ruby, and end the series already. But no, they have to let him survive, patch things up with his father, and then die. What a complete waste of time.

Despite the horrible story, Ruby Lin did very well as a blind girl. Wallace was ok. They're chemistry was average.

At first, I loved the themesongs of this series. Its "Listen With Your Heart" by Van Fan and "In Your Eyes" by Rebecca Hsu. But then they had to go and abuse it. They play it all the time. She walks past him, its playing, they're talking to eachother; its playing, she's just sitting there and its playing. I was going to kill myself if I hear it one more time.

Don't ask me why I finished watching it, cause I really don't know. I guess I had nothng better to do.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Testing Colors

Due to the new layout and white background my bright colors cannot be read easily, so I have to test some colors out to see if they look good.

For my normal text, I've decided to use this blue(0099ff). Its not much different from the old blue I used, but its a little darker.

For my personal thoughts I usually use bright green, so I've switched to a darker green(#00cc00).

For posting news or anything that isn't originally written by me I'll use this purple(9966ff).

Tell me if you hate it or can't read it. Be blunt like Metal.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Raymond and Linda Film a Kiss Scene
Translated by Em

The Sun 13/08/06

Raymond Lam and Linda Chung were filming in a kiss scene for Lau Ka Ho's new series and Raymond seemed quite relaxed, but Linda was a little embarrassed.

Afterwards, Linda said: "Although I have had kiss scenes in many series now, I am still a little shy. I am not afraid of having rumours with Raymond, because we are just acting." Linda also reveals that her kiss with Ron Ng is the most memorable because that was her first screen kiss.

Raymond reveals that he had eaten some mints before the kiss to prepare and asked if he felt lucky, he said: "Others will think that, but I don't think so."

Aww. They look cute together. Surprisingly I'm not jealous.

New Layout

Hey, I was bored today so I searched for some different layouts. I came across this one at Blogger Templates and I just had to use it. What do you think?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Reviews: La Femme Desperado

Lets talk about something less gloomy and serious. I stayed up till 12:30 last night to finish LFD and it was worth the dark circles.

La Femme Desperado Review
By: Loony

Cast: Melissa Ng, Sheren Tang, Raymond Lam, Michael Tse, Kate Tsui, and Kenneth Ma

This series is mostly about the hardships of women juggling business and family. Whether you're a traditional housewife or a hardworking career woman, its a hardnut life. Especially when your divorced and trying to hide it from your very conservative family like Ling Ko(Melissa Ng) plus a "Devil Woman" as boss for bonus. The "Devil Woman" AKA Hilda(Sheren Tang) has her own problems, trying to defeat a rival in the company and have a baby by sperm donation.

The Good:
Sheren Tang-The perfect woman to play a smart tough cookie like Hilda. I love her performance as always. Why didn't she win Best Actress?

Raymond Lam/Siu Chai-His character is so sweet and considerate. I love how he tries to understand how Melissa felt when being yelled at and wrongly accused. That's so sweet. I didn't like when he was so cold to Melissa, trying to beat Michael Tse. But he was awesome in the beginning. Of course Ray did an excellent job, as always.

Melissa Ng-Alot of improvement from Melissa. Good crying skills.

The Bad:
Kate Tsui-She's not bad for a newbie, but not great either. I really don't have any other series to compare with. O and I hated her haircut. It made her so ugly. If she left the bangs out it would've been ok, I think. I really wonder how she won Miss HK cause she's not pretty in here.

Michael Tse-He was very wicked and cheap in the beginning, but more likeable in the end.

The Ugly:
Nothing ugly in this series except for Kate's hair and some of Cindy's skirts.

Ray and Melissa-They weren't bad at all. I thought it was very cute and altho they had many obstacles, as long as they love eachother, it all worked out.

Sheren and Michael-The love and hate relationship. They are the same type of person, scheming and selfish, but just wants to be loved.

Kate and Kenneth-Kate is very independant, but Kenneth is very controlling. In the end Kate managed to change Kenneth's way of thinking.

I love all the outfits Melissa and Sheren wore. Melissa's style is conservative, but modern and Sheren's is more chic and sophisticated. Cindy Au always wore skirts and that kinda annoyed me. Does she have nothing else?

And the Oscar goes to...
Best Actress-Sheren Tang. What more can I say?
Best Actor-Ummm. Ray for sure.
Best Supporting Actress-Melissa, but I don't think she's really supporting.
Best Supporting Actor-Michael Tse and Kenneth Ma.
Most Improved-Melissa.

C it or Skip it?
This is the series to watch of 2006. Women especially should watch it, and men who don't appreciate women should watch it too.

The Big One is Foiled

I think the readers in America or England have probably heard of the terrorist attack that never was. Well, here are the details.

Early morning yesterday, the British police captured 24 muslim criminals in London who planned to bomb 10 American jets flying to Washington, New York, and California. They're weapon, a liquid explosive dyed red and disguised as a sports drink. The detonator is a disposal camera with the flashlight taken out of it. Being normal everyday things is what makes it so easy to sneak through security. Luckily the British had an informant about the conspiracy and stopped it from carrying out. But there are still 5 suspects on the loose who may be the ring leaders.

Now, the security at airports in the US and England are very tight. There are longer lines there than at Disneyland. Everyone boarding the planes are not allowed to carry on liquids of any kind including water, lotion, gel, shampoo, or mouthwash with the exception of baby formula and prescriptions. They are to either throw it out or put it in their check-in luggage.

All I ask is why. Why do they have to take their anger out on innocent civilians? Its our government's fault and besides they started it first. Just let it go. How many more blood and tears do they want shed? Sheesh.
The authorities better stay on top of things like this because I don't think the Iraqis will quit any time soon. It's not that I have anything against them, its the criminals that want to harm us that I hate.
Right now I'm just thankful that the British was able to stop disaster from striking and hoping that the other 5 will be captured soon. Also very glad I'm not traveling by plane anywhere.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong Kiss, Not Giving Any Face to Tavia Yeung

Credits to Apple Daily and The Beehive, translated by Winter_Stargirl.
For different articles and pictures on this news, go to The Beehive link above.

Image 1: Tavia Yeung (second right) and Yoyo Mung were neglected by the two males and so quickly kissed to steal the spotlight

Image 2: Raymond Lam (left) and Bosco Wong would rather kiss each other than kiss Tavia Yeung happy birthday

Yesterday, TVB's forty-episode series had its praying ceremony. The two leading ladies, Yoyo Mung and Tavia Yeung, were both born in August and the crew especially called a celebration for them, even getting the two male leads, Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong to give them a birthday kiss. But Raymond and Bosco would rather kiss each other, playing brokeback, than to kiss the girls.

TVB Lau Ka Ho's forty-episode series gathered a group of young actors, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Linda Chung and Fala Chen. Yesterday, the cast had a praying ceremony at TVB City in Tseung Kwan O, and especially arranged birthday cakes for the August birthday girls, Yoyo Mung and Tavia Yeung.

After singing happy birthday, Raymond and Bosco were made to kiss the two birthday girls, but the two wriggled about and wouldn't kiss them. Afterwards, Raymond and Bosco even hugged each other and kissed, playing brokeback and embarrassing Yoyo and Tavia.

Whoa! Ray has a new Brokeback partner, replacing Ron with Bosco. Why Ray, why? Is there not enough girls fighting for you, now the guys are after you too.
I like Bosco's hair and he looks good with glasses.
Happy Birthday to the two ladies!!! Its also, my friend's birthday. Aug. 10th. If you're reading this, Happy Birthday Alex!! But she doesn't go here.
Can't wait for more news on the new series, but Ray's only guest-starring. Aww.
I hear Face to Fate is going to be released overseas at the end of Aug. Yay!!! Ray with white hair!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Quote of the Week

Its a new week and that means a new quote.

"All the world's a stage...what part will you play?"
-Sharon Creech, Replay

I'm not sure that quote is originally said by Sharon Creech, but I got it from her book, Replay. I think "All the World's a Stage" is from Shakespeare, but I don't think he said the last part. If I'm wrong, please correct me. I don't want to give the wrong credits.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Raymond at the 4th Duet Singing Contest in Xiamen

I'm currently alittle depressed(don't ask) so I don't feel like doing any features. Here's some Ray news:

Credits to:
translated by Em at

Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po, Aug. 4, 2006

Raymond Lam appeared as a Prince Charming at the 4th Duet Singing Contest in Xiamen earlier for the opening and as a guest performer, singing a song entitled "Meeting in Xiamen". This contest is the biggest duet competition in the world and even Chairman Hu has sent his best wishes for the event. Raymond is honoured to be invited to take part and said happily: "I feel a great honour to have this opportunity because all the contestants are winners in their own right, so I am quite nervous."

Although there were many great singers at the competition, totalling 400 acts from 80 different countries all around the world, Raymond's performance was great too and he received rousing applause from the audience. As his song is not a pop song and is a rather classical piece, there was a level of difficulty for him, but as Raymond has studied vocal pitch and has a musical background, he even won the praise of Xiamen's mayor for his performance. When Raymond was asked if he is happy with his performance, he said modestly: "Not really, I felt that I could have been even better because I have only rehearsed it properly a few times because I have only just returned from filming in Shanghai. I really was quite nervous because as well as many professional winning singers present, I am back in my own city, so I am taking this event very seriously." As this was a live broadcast event, many people were able to tune in and watch the show, so no wonder that Raymond was quite nervous. After the performance, he breathed a huge sigh of relief.

The organisers invited Raymond to perform at this show because they liked his appearance in a special show for his former school and they felt he had a very healthy image. During rehearsals, many people asked for Raymond's autograph and to have their photographs taken. As Raymond hails from Xiamen, he felt like he was returning home with glory. Raymond's mother even made him some special soup to help keep his throat in top condition. His parents and many relatives and friends still live in Xiamen as well as many of his fans, who went to the airport to meet him and present him with flowers and gifts. Raymond could not stay for too long though as he had to return to Hong Kong to film for Lau Ka Ho's new series.

Go Ray!!!