Sunday, September 24, 2006

Review:Stephen's Diary

I'm not sure if Steven's Diary is an actual series, but its produced by TVB so I'm going to review it anyways.

Stephen's Diary


Its a short documentary about the life of movie star Stephen Fung. Filled with unlucky and awkward situations in Stephen's life, its really funny and has alot of cameos of Hong Kong celebrities like Miriam Yeung, Soler, Gigi Leung, and Edmond Leung.

Stephen Fung
He is cocky, cheap, and selfish. I'm not sure if that's who he is in real life, but if it is he's got problems. And I'm the kind of person that takes pleasure in other's misery. So I find him a really funny person to watch. I'm not sure if its scripted, but I'm hoping its not. Although, I really doubt that. By the way, doesn't he look alot like Ekin Cheng? And I really like his dimples, so cute.

Favorite Guest Stars
Edmong Leung
Edmond plays himself, a movie star and singer. He is Stephen's friend and Stephen is looking for a female actress to be in his new music video. I liked his first appearance when Stephen invited him to dinner with his other friend and his other friend's wife is a really bad cook. Edmond was the only honest person and said the food was horrible and he didn't get beat up, but he had to stay and finish the food. Which is even worse.

Sam Lee
Again, he plays himself. His cameo was he's Stephen's friend and he asks Stephen to take care of his dog, Coffee, while he's on vacation, and Stephen lost the dog. Stephen finds another dog that looks like Coffee and returns him to Sam. Sam later shows up with both dogs and shows Stephen his injury from the fake Coffee's bite which is on his private part. Then he releases the dog on Stephen. Oh my gosh, that cracked me up big time.

Miriam Yeung
She's throwing a birthday party and Stephen is invited. He comes and talks to her. She says she can't drink alcohol because she just took some aspirin or something, but Stephen accidently put alcohol in her drink thinking its ice tea. Miriam faints and Stephen, realizing what he did, sneaks out of the party. Then she wakes up and says Stephen told her to hold on tight to a ball.

The Bad
Some of it was really boring and dumb. There were a few gags that I didn't understand and they didn't continue with it. I didn't like that there wasn't a real story to it. It was just a bunch of random everyday things.

The Best Part
The best part for me was the end. I'm not saying this to be mean, it really was the best because at the end they roll all the NG's which was way funnier than the actual series. It was mostly filled with Stephen laughing for no reason. Sometimes he would forget his lines and say something else stupid.

C it or Skip it?
Well, if you're just going to lay around watching TV anyways, you can give it a try. Its not a total waste of time. At least you can get a few laughs out of it.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Leila's New Song

Yay!! Leila finally came out with a new song. This one is alot more upbeat and the title is cute. I have no clue what its about and I'm not sure if its Mandarin or Cantonese cause I don't know either one of them. Anyway, enjoy! :P O and tons of credits to and Prunie from Bww2 forums.

Sugarless Holiday

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Raymond and Linda film a fire scene for "Storm in a Pool"

Hey, I saw this on TVBSpace and thought I'd post it up here. I know its a lame excuse of an update, but I really don't have time.

Credits to:
The Sun
Translated by Em

[The Sun 19/09/06]

Raymond Lam, Moses Chan and linda Chung were filming earlier for new series "Storm in a Pool" in a fire scene, which also involved a number of police cars, ambulances and fire engines in a very realistic scene. For Linda, this brought back some memories from the past: "This scene makes me think of a incident from when I was in Canada, a car suddenly exploded and burst into flames outside. At the time, I thought my parents were inside the car so I just cried and prayed. When I looked more closely I realised it was not my family inside the car, I breathed a sigh of relief, but it was still terrible." Aside from this, Raymond says that he has never met with a real fire, so he says he is very lucky.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

First Impressions: Forensic Heroes

First Impressions a new feature that talks about my first impressions of new series that I'm starting.

Forensic Heroes

I really like the crime-solving types of series and I've been a CSI fan since forever. When I heard about this series it looked really good and I just love Bobby Yeung. I'm even thinking of mayb becoming a pathologist, buton second thought.

Bobby as Sir Tim-His character is really different. He's not the funny or dorky type. This time he's smart and serious. I like the funny type more, but a change is good. Bobby is a great actor.

Frankie as Sam-I'm so used to Frankie playing the smart and talented type, but this time he has a bad past. He's supposed to be an ex-gangster and somehow I just can't picture the nice kind Frankie as a gangster. I like how he helps people and all that.

Yoyo as the tough and strict Madam-I'm not a fan of Yoyo, I think she's just ok so don't have much thoughts on her.

Linda as Ting-ting-She's so preppy and annoying this time. Totally different from her usually serious roles. Not sure how I feel about that. Will I like her? Will she make the series less enjoyable?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

CharRay Pix!!!

I'm not a huge huge CharRay fan(I like Ray with Leila and Charm with Benny or Julian more)but I do like them. When I saw these pics, I just knew I had to post them for all those CharRay fans out there. Tons and tons of credits to Sehseh who got it from Amanda. :P

Don't they look like an adorable couple?

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
This one's alittle blurry. Ray is so hot with glasses, esp. the ones with thick frames. Not that Ray having wearing glasses is a good thing I just think its hot.

Image Hosted by
Cute, cute, cute!! I love Charm's dress. Looks so cute on her. I'm so glad Ray's alittle chubbier. He was so skinny in some picx I saw before. It was really scaring me.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Song(s) of the Week

I've got a complaint from someone( I won't name names but you know who you are)that I'm not updating alot and I do feel guilty for neglecting my blog. So here's an update. Are you happy now?

Song of the Week!!

I'm starting a Song of the Week because StarOTW and SeriesOTW got boring.
Sometimes I run into a song that I really like and can't get it out of my head for weeks. And I thought, why not share it. It can be anything, pop, rock, R&B, classic, or even country. I'll do Chinese, Korean, English, and mayb alittle Japanese.

Nicholas Tse-Let Me Die(Canto)
Nicholas Tse-Let Me Die(Eng)

I was bored and searching for some new songs to listen to and I wound up with this Nicholas Tse song. The title caught my eye and when I saw there was and English version of it, I was even more interested. So I downloaded them and it was good. I'm still searching for the lyrics tho. If anyone has the lyrics, please tell me.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Raymond Lam Responds to having 2 relationships at once in a Series
Translated by Em

Ta Kung Pao 08/09/06

TVB new series "Storm in a Pool" filmed the grand opening scene yesterday and for Raymond Lam, who is just playing a guest role in the series, he was arranged to stand in the middle of the group, showing how important he was to the company and he thanked the producer directly for this.

With suggestions that the producer has been looking after him in particular, because he has a lot of kissing scenes with Linda Chung in the show as well as a romance with Yoyo Mung, Raymond admits this, saying: "Yes, although I play a lawyer, there are very few court scenes and mostly romantic scenes."

Asked if he has found that Yoyo has been extra spritely with her rumoured romance? He says: "She has a natural high anyway. (There have been reports that she has been to play badminton with Ekin Cheng?) That is a very common thing, this is a healthy sport. (They spent the night together afterwards though?) If they are good friends, this is no problem. (So you often take girls back home?) Why do you talk about me all of a sudden?"

For Linda, who plays Yoyo's good friend in the series, she believes that the Yoyo-Ekin affair is just normal social activity and there is nothing to it. If she was not so busy, she would go along to play too. Asked if she felt that Yoyo was particularly happy, she says: "She has always been very happy and she often buys lots of things to eat and gives some to me too. Maybe she has eaten more to make her happier."

When Moses Chan heard that Yoyo and Ekin may be dating, he immediately said: "They're not? (Do you feel that Yoyo has been very happy lately?) I have not seen her much recently, but she has always been like that and I know many of the Christians in the show have joined to go wakeboarding and to play sports, so there should be nothing there. (Do you feel they match each other?) It is just gossip! (Would you be happy for them?) If Yoyo is not saying anything, then how can I speak? I have already said a lot and I don't want to respond to everything."

Sorry haven't been posting much. My math teacher gives way too much homework, and on weekends too! Also, I'm very glad Em is back. Always appreciate her hard work translating news.
That's so cool that Ray is so important to them, but he better be, after all the work they put him through.
The reporters are so annoying. Bothering Yoyo's colleagues to get info on her and Ekin. I really doubt they are dating, but they do make a cute couple. Hope the reporters will leave them alone. Storm in a Pool? What kind of a title is that? Makes no sense to me.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Asian Forums!!!

I've been surfing around the web and I found these great Asian forums so I thought I'd share them with you.

CMC: Chinese Media Central-Those who know Fearless, knows about this great forum. Its new, but already has a ton of goodies. So check it out and support Fearless!!

Bww2-This is also a great site with tons of downloads for K-pop, C-pop, and J-pop.

We Love Asian OSTs-Original Sound Tracks from Asian dramas. One of my fav.

Popular Asians-A bunch of Asian stuff. Talk about anything Asian there.

VisualAzn-full album downloads, rare videos and performances.

If you have other awesome sites, please tell me.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Raymond and Yoyo Kiss!!
credits to popcorn

Yoyo Mung kisses Raymond Lam

Raymond Lam and Yoyo Mung were filming for Lau Ka Ho's new series last night at Wanchai. Raymond reveals that he hasn't slept for the last 40 hours, so he felt rather tired while doing the kissing scene. He says: "I needed to eat some mints to refresh myself and clean my mouth. This is for Yoyo's own good and I myself can't stand bad breath too." However Yoyo said that she wasn't professional enough. She only knew about the need to film this scene in the morning so she did not do any preparations beforehand.

The series plot talks about Yoyo being a third wheel in Linda Chung and Raymond's relationship. But in reality, she said she would not take the initiative to kiss a guy. The most she would do is to reveal her feelings to him and would not be a third wheel. Raymond said that once a girl has made the first move to him. He laughs: "This is normal especially when you're in the entertainment circle. You need to depend on your looks to be successful."

Why does TVB insist on pairing Raymond with older women? Did they run out of younger actresses? Yoyo and Raymond is just weird. The kiss looks weird too. Raymond and Linda is much cuter.
There's alot of kissing in this series. How lucky(I mean the girls). I really wanna see the end product, but I have to wait a thousand years before it comes out in Viet.
My heart aches for my poor Raymond. 40 hours without sleep?!! I blame this on TVB. They're overworking him. Hang in there Ray.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Bosco Wong: Music

I think Bosco is a pretty ok singer. Not better than my Ray of course, but better than others...*cough*Ron*cough*

Bosco has 2 songs(that I'm aware of).
Au Revoir Shanghai-I like this one very much.
Na Ja Juen Kei-I think this is the theme for Na Ja, a cartoon or a kid's show. Not sure, but its very upbeat and catchy.