Sunday, November 19, 2006


November has been such a busy month. I just have so many things to do. I try to update, but I always end up, not finishing it. I don't think anyone comes here anymore. Sigh, all well. Bear with me.

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btw, i think the pic is the cover of a book.

Friday, November 10, 2006

TVB 39 Anniversary Worst Dress

Disclaimer: I can't help it if I'm alittle harsh. Please don't be offended. I'm just poking fun.

For a girl who always wears the same jeans and screen tees every year, I cannot say I'm a fashion expert. But at least I can tell the drop-dead gorgeous from the ones that need to go home and change. I have to admit, this year is way better than last year. Hopefully the stars will realize they need help and hire a proper stylist.

Top 3 Worst Dressed Men
The guys did good this year, I could only find 3 that was horrible and one Honorary Mention.

Honorary Mention: Wayne Lai - Why's it so shiny?
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3. Kenneth Ma - Fur is Murder!!
Kenneth Ma

2. Joe Ma - Murderers!!
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1. Matthew Yip - OMG. I'm, I'm speechless. Actually I do have something to say, "Is he trying to be gay?" No offense, to the gays.
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Top 3 Worst Dressed Women
Of course, the ladies always have better taste than men, and they have many more options. Most did ok, others...

Honorary Mention: Tavia Yeung - Its too short, and I would've picked another color. Gigantic red pockets?
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3. Yoyo Mung - She looks so old in this dress, and what's up with the hair?
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2. Sharon Chan - Why can't she just put on a dress? She just has to stand out.
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1. Kate Tsui - She can't act, she's not pretty, and now her fashion/common sense has gone out the window.
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TVB Anniversary Award Pics of Ray

Although he walked away empty handed, he looked super hot. Mostly all the guys wore a tux, and I like the tux on Ray, but I wish he wore something else to stand out. And I don't like the tie, it sorta looks fake.

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Why won't he smile?

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But then again, not smiling makes him look so cool.

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I just love the "hands-in-the-pocket" thing, so cool.

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I think this is the best pic. I don't know why, but I love his walk. So sexy.

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