Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Look Back at 2006

Happy New Year's Eve!! 2006 sure went by fast, alot of things have happened in TVB. 2007 is approaching fast, lets look at what happened in 2006.

Return to TVB
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This year, alot of stars have comeback to TVB. Ada Choi, Maggie Siu. and Kevin Cheng have started filming again. Ada did Dance of Passion, but it was suprisingly unsuccessful, although the audience loved her performance, now Ada is starring in Exquisite Beauty set to release in 07. Maggie Siu was also in DOP, and she also did CIB Files, even though it was quite forgettable, her fans were glad to see her back and to prove that she's still got it. Kevin had a very good year, winning the Best Actor at TVB Anniversary, and having 2 successful series. Trimming Success was first warehoused, but when it aired, it was a hit, and Under the Canopy of Love did well too.

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The HK Press have really gone far this year with photos of Gillian Chung changing. This made the publice outraged and people started petitions and the artistes spoke out about it. Alot of crazy things happened, Yumiko Cheng's over exposure and Ella Koon getting harrassed by a fan onstage. The reporters went sure had a good year, creating rumors of rivalry between the stars, and celebrity hook-ups and break-ups, along with Sammul Chan's recent "Betrayal" controversy. It really shows the audience, that maybe being famous isn't so great.

TVB 39th Anniversary

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The TVB Anniversary Awards was shocking to all, as Kevin Cheng won Best Actor, and Charmaine Sheh grabbed Favorite Female Character and Best Actress, leaving Myolie Wu empty handed. Linda Chung won Most Improved Actress, Kenneth Ma received Most Improved Actor, Shirley Yeung got Best Supporting Actress, Kenny Wong Best Supporting Actor, Steven Ma won Favorite Male Character, and LFD got Best Series. Which are deserving, which aren't are left for the fans to decided for themselves.

The Higher You Fly, The Harder You Fall
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Much hyped series like Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion and Maiden's Vow all proved to be disappointments in ratings. Perhaps the most disappointing of all is Dance of Passion, the so-called sequel to the very successful War and Beauty, with ratings as low as the 20's. While warehoused series like Trimming Success was a big hit when it was aired.

La Femme Desperado
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Lets not forget the biggest series of the year. LFD received the highest ratings and brought its cast, Melissa Ng, Sheren Tang, Raymond Lam, and Micheal Tse, much fame and attention. The series focuses on hardships of women, with its charming dialogue and interesting story line, LFD truly deserves the Best Series Award at the 39th TVB Anniversary.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Stars Speak Out About Imprisonment of 30 Days for Slaughtering and Eating Dog

Credits to The Beehive
Translated by Winter_Stargirl

Imprisoned for 30 Days for Slaughtering and Eating Dog
Artistes Complain About the Light Punishment
Raymond Lam: Its the same as eathing humans

Last month, four middle-aged men cooked two dogs that they had raised themeselves and were arrested by the police. The day before, they were taken to court where the admitted that they had killed the dogs for food and were sentenced to 30 days in jail, becoming the first people in Hong Kong to be charged with the law for cats and dogs since its establishment half a century ago.

Many artists in the entertainment industry have dogs or cats as pets and after this incident was published in a magazine yesterday, many artists were appalled. Twins, Gigi Fu, Leila Tong and others all criticised that the sentence of 30 days is too light and that the sentence should be harsher in order to teach them a lesson. Eunis Chan voiced that the people got the punishment they deserved, while Raymond Lam said that this incident made him fearful and even described it as being, "no different than eating human".

Raymond Lam:
Their punishment should be having to eat as vegetarian for the rest of their lives. "When I saw how these people treated the dogs in the news, I felt scared. They raised the dogs themeselves, how could they eat them? Eating dog meat is no different to eating human, because dogs are the most loyal friends to humans, they have a conscience, killing a dog is no different to murdering a human, so I think being imprisoned for only one month is too light. The people who killed the dogs should also have to eat as vegetarians for the rest of their lives.

For more celebrity comments please visit The Beehive

My Thoughts:
Talk about evil! I totally agree with Raymond. They should become vegetarians while they're in jail for the rest of thier lives. Ok, maybe a little harsh. How about 3 years in jail and vegan for life.

The thing I don't get is, dogs and cats are animals, right, and people have to go to jail for killing and eating them, but no one goes to jail for eating cows or pigs or chickens. They're animals too. I mean sure, dogs and cats are closer to us and it seems like they're almost human, but they're still animals. It just doesn't seem fair that we treat dogs and cats and other pets better than the other animals.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Background Music

I'm loving this song. Its an old one by Janice Wei from her album Day & Night.
Janice Wei - Big Brother


Merry Holidays, Everyone!!

As you all should know, this is the biggest holiday celebrating time of year (does that make sense?). There's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years. Every family has different traditions, but they all share something in You give and give and give and give and give...Ok, you get the point. The saying goes "Its better to receive than to give", I mean "Its better to give than to receive". So here's my little gift to you.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Linus and Lucy

I love Charlie Brown, and I wish I could play piano like Linus. Enjoy and Happy Holidays everyone!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

First Impressions: Land of Wealth

Credits to MetaAznWarrior at TVB Musings for the Synopsis and TVfanSquare for the poster.

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Cast: Moses Chan, Steven Ma, Sonija Kwok, Tavia Yeung

Silver, bank notes - the space between power, vanishing the oldThe commercial war joins the stage. Exciting the soul, frightening the heart!

Chai Bak Chuen (Moses Chan Ho) is a descendent of a government official. His family was framed and sentenced to beheading, but luckily, he managed to survive and escape. He becomes the disciple of Kiu Boon Yip (John Chiang Dai Wai), the boss of Shanxi's first bank, Ding Fung Sing.

Chuen realizes that Ba Ba Ha Yi Ko Wai (Sonija Kwok Sin Nei) is a foreigner because she feels inferior, so doesn't dare to show her love. Meanwhile, the Kiu's second young mistress, Kiu Jun (Tavia Yeung Yi) and the military aircraft official, Cheung Sung Man (Steven Ma Chun Wai) love each other. However, the couple's relationship, because Man has to impartially investigate Ding Fung Sing, meets conflicts.

On one occasion, Ding Fung Sing suffers from big storekeeper Cho Yu Tai's (Lau Dan) frame, almost causing them to go out of business. The imperial court doesn't end harsh laws and furthermore, it asks Ding Fung Sing to keep inflating money. Before Yip's death, he hands Ding Fung Sing to Chuen, who time and time again helped him to overcome difficulties. The merchant fights with wealth, government officials fight still with power. How can Chuen lead Ding Fung Sing in facing the corrupt late Qing government?

Story - I was looking forward to this series due to the nice cast and the pretty setting. The story, I'm not so excited about. The banking and government stuff is just really boring, but we'll see how it turns out.

Costumes - I'm very very impressed with the costumes. TVB sure pulled out all the fur for this series. I hope its not real fur though. Fur is murder. I like Tavia's and Claire's the best out of all the costumes. The guy's costumes are nice too, I find the furry hats warm and comfy looking.

Chemistry - I know for sure Steven and Tavia are supposed to be together. They like fell in love at first sight and they are so made for eachother. They're both nice and smart, plus they look good together. Moses and Sonija are also a pair, but Sonija was heartbroken before and she's afraid of getting hurt again.

Steven Ma - Steven's a really smart and polite gentlemen. He's sort of like Sheung Chi in Safe Guards, and I loved Sheung Chi.

Moses Chan - This is a serious hardworking Moses. He's very loyal. It seems like he's hiding his past. I prefer the funny and laid-back Moses better, but this Moses is ok.

Sonija - She is a nice girl who just wants the best for her little brother. But she also has a broken heart and I know she's afraid of getting hurt again. There's nothing that really stands out about Sonija.

Tavia - As the daughter of a rich and well known banker, Tavia is supposed to be kind and courteous, and that's what she's like. I think she's very pretty in this series.

Lau Dan - Wow, so evil. Never seen him as a villian before. He's good.

Predictions - I'm not really interested in the business stuff, but I have my love-story predictions. In the trailer it has Moses and Tavia having a baby together...I think. And probably because Steven and her fought when Steven was investigating her father's bank. Then she has to marry Moses in order for him to become the new bank owner. I also saw Sonija marry somebody else. Not sure who though.

Overall Thoughts - Its going pretty well, so far, but I think all the polite and wise-talk is quite confusing. It makes it really boring too, no wonder Land of Wealth got low ratings. I'm going to keep watching it for the cast.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ray Sleeping

Credits to The Beehive

Ray wrapped up in a cocoon, on the plane to Vancouver.

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How does he breathe?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Review: Face to Fate

Credits to TVFanSquare and K For TVB for the screencaps and poster.

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Cast: Raymond Lam, Frankie Lam, Tavia Yeung, and Selena Li

The Good and Evil sides are always at odds, and as the Golden Seal Battle(or watever its called) approaches, the two sides are plotting who should fight for them. The Evil side is cheating by killing all the candidates of the Good. Li Po Yee (Frankie), a fortune teller who doesn't interfere with the WuXia world, gets caught in the middle. He chooses to fight for the good and recruits some new candidates. He meets Lai Yeuk Yee (Raymond), a charming back doctor, and Tavia's character (I totally forgot her name), a member of the 4 Flying Fish of Flying Fish Village. They join forces to recruit 5 new Kung Fu experts to fight in the Golden Seal Battle.

The Good
Raymond - Lai Yeuk Yee is very charming and carefree at the beginning. He just does whatever he wants and he's really temperamental. But I love how he can do anything for the one he loves even becoming evil and killing everyone. I like Ray's acting in here, especially when he cries and when he turns evil. Plus, I actually like his white hairstyle. Ray with black hair looks ok, but I don't like the thing on top of his head. I also like his outfit with the hoodie and everything.

Selena - She improved much, and I found her very pretty in here.

The Bad
Frankie - I thought his facial expressions were very plain, and boring, but I like the unpredictable Li Po Yee.

The ending - It gets so messy and weird. All of a sudden Ray's back to normal and Tavia becomes the ruler of both worlds.

Ray and Selena - I like the beginning when they were teasing/flirting. So cute. Then it got sweet, when Ray found out he had the disease and they spent most of their time together. I'm so glad Ray didn't die and they got a happy ending. I like Selena's little kid too. There was also a sweet scene with Ray and Selena, but I they cut it out.

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Derek and Nancy - Their Romeo & Juliet love story was so sweet. One is an assasin and the other is daughter of the leader of the Good side. Still, they would do anything to be together.

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Frankie and Tavia - I loved their fighting at the beginning, but the end I didn't get. Even if Tavia is the new ruler of the Evil side, why can't they be together. Just get together anyways. What's all the fuss about.

Themesongs - I like the ending theme duet with Tavia and Frankie. The theme by Ray is kind of fast, but its ok. I just wish TVB would air in HK, so I can get the full version of the themesongs.

Overall Thoughts
Face to Fate was really good at the beginning, but you should fast forward over the last part, especially the Golden Seal Battle. You'll love Ray and Selena in here.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Ray!!!

As you all should know, I'm a super duper Raymond Lam fan. He is awesome. Today (in China it should be the 8th) is his birthday and I want to wish him a wonderful birthday even though he has to work. I believe his manager gave him half a day off to go to Disneyland. You can read the news at The Beehive. I hope he had fun.

As you can see, my terrible terrible banner. I don't have photoshop and is too lazy to download it. But still, picture credits to MaeChan at 52fung.

Anyways, go Ray!! Happy 27th Birthday!!! Much Love.


The reason why my blog is so weird right now is I was playing around the template thing and decided to change my blog back to normal. I ended up losing all of my sidebar stuff. So now, I have a new chatbox and my links aren't complete. If your link is supposed to be on there and its not, please tell me because I don't remember all of the links I had. Sorry. I still don't know why my sidebar is all the way at the bottom of the page. I'm a mess.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Raymond's Early Birthday

Credits to Ta Kung Pao and TVB Space
Translated by Em

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Ta Kung Pao 12/4/06

Raymond Lam will celebrate his birthday on 8th December and as he has to fly out to Canada to film for "The Drive of Life" on the 6th, his Hong Kong and Taiwanese fans held a special party for him yesterday, where they presented him with a cake and flowers and various gifts before singing Happy Birthday to him, whilst Ray conducted them. His fan club had also recorded some clips of well wishes from his friends in the industry, including Ron Ng, Sunny Chan and Virginia Lok.

Raymond has already had two birthday celebrations before this - the first was when his manager tricked him to a business dinner that turned out to be a celebration with 20 friends from within and outside the industry, that was a great surprise. The other time was a celebration held with his Shanghai and mainland fans. He says: "Last year, the mainland fans came to Hong Kong especially to celebrate with me, so this year, as I was filming in Shanghai, I took the chance to meet them so they did not have to make another trip. (Have you received any special gifts?) I only arrived in Hong Kong yesterday, then I had this party today, so I have not had a chance to open them and take a look, but I have brought them all back with me. (What would you most like to receive?) I have already received this and that is everyone's thoughts."

As for his birthday wish, he says he has already received a reward from his career and that was to win the Favourite TV Actor award at this year's Annual Artiste Awards. He says: "Thank you to everyone who voted for me and supported me. As I did not have many series aired this year and have been busy filming all year, then there will be more of me on the screen next year and I hope that I can fight for this award again then." On a personal note, he hopes that he can have a week's vacation to let his brain rest. He says: "The changes to my role in 'Drive' is very big and it is making me a little bit schizophrenic, especially as the pressure is heightened with it being a country-wide project." He hopes that when filming is completed in April, he can have time to learn to dance and follow the advice of his seniors because dancing can help develop your body language as well as being good exercise to stay healthy. Talking of having a 'white birthday' in Canada, he thinks he will be celebrating at Gigi Wong's home: "Working with her, she often makes us food and soup and share it with everyone. She makes a lot so we are worried about putting on some weight when we get back."

Saturday, December 02, 2006

New Layout

I just switched to the new Blogger Beta thing and they've got this Layout Widget that helps you change your blog layout and stuff with the HTML and CSS stuff. I still like the HTML better. I guess I'm used to it.

I decided go with green because green is my new favorite color, but its not permanent. My blog is going to be like a chamelon for awhile. The colors and layouts are going to be changed frequently until I'm satisfied.

Ray Won!!

Finally Raymond won something this year!! He got an Annual Artiste Award for My Favorite Actor on December 1st. (Jump for joy). Here are some awesome pics. Credits to Fung Range, Raymond Forest, GL, and The Beehive.

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I don't really like his blazer though. Plaid doesn't looks so good on him, at least, not as a blazer. I like his hair though.

Congrats to Ray!!! Go Ray, Go Ray...