Saturday, March 31, 2007

Glittering Days Review

Picture Credits: TvFanSquare

I don't like the title, but the story's very touching.


Stubborn, hot headed, and tough, she only wants the best for her son. Liza's very funny and always delivers.


I wish he did his own singing, but lip syncing is cool too. Roger's so funny.


Charmaine is like the highlight of the show. From her first appearance with the braids and clogs to her singing performance. I think Charmaine did a good job in this role, the singin and all.


My absolute favorite is Susanna Kwan's "Only Live a Day For You", I think that's what its called. I cried when I saw it, then rewind, watched it again and cried some more. Charm's really improved , I love all of her songs. I also like the English songs Chris sings, buy I can't help laughing at his accent. His singing's not bad, but I just find it hilarious. I think the hair adds to the humor.



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