Saturday, March 31, 2007

To Grow With Love Review

Picture Credits: TVFanSquare

I really don't get the point of this series. Is it "Looks don't matter" or "Myolie is a good cryer and she should've won Best Actress"?


I feel bad for her not winning Best Actress after she gained so much weight and did really well in here. Good actress, horrible series. Didn't she read the script before signing up?

Andy Hui

I never seen him before, but I think he's ok.

Claire Yui

I liked that TVB didn't make her too evil. She was just the right amount of evil, fair but just alittle selfish.

Selena Li

Selena's really improved. I like her more and more after FTF.

Kenneth Ma

I love his faithfulness and honesty. He's like the perfect guy. I felt so bad for him. Its OK Ken, I'll marry you...Oh wait, I have to marry Bill.


Myolie and Andy - They were cute during Andy's memory loss, but later it just got boring.

Selena and Jack - Somehow I always end up liking the subplot more than the main plot. They're so cute!!

Claire and Andy - I personally think they are cuter than Myolie and Andy.

Myolie and her Dad - They actually look like father and daughter. I love that scene where Myolie's about to marry Kenneth and they're sitting on the balcony crying. It was so sweet.


How many twists and turns can this story have? First he loves her then he doesn't then he does then they fight and somehow they end up together. It just got really ugly after the memory loss thing. Alittle too much.



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