Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dicey Business Review

Picture Credits: TVFanSquare, TVBCity

My boycott of TVB was put on hold due to DB. Its the must watch series for me.


Great plot with many twists and interesting characters.


Cute and alittle hot-headed he makes the perfect protagonist. You know how sometimes the protagonist is so perfect he seems unrealistic, well in here Bobby isn't anywhere near perfect, but with his good heart and determination he turns his life around.


She's so funny and nice, but I don't like her for betraying Bobby. I feel like so many people hurt Bobby, but he ends up forgiving all of them. Perhaps he's too nice. And I don't like her at the beginning when she was so obsessed with Micheal. She seemed desperate and needy.


How evil. He's like a cunning plotting evil who would do anything to reach his goal. But I guess he still has a heart seeing how hard he tried to save that other dude (forgot his name).


At first Bosco was funny and cute as the unsocial nerd, but after he got rich and became successful he turned cocky and mean. I hate that he was so cruel to Bobby, using Bobby's love for him to help Michael.


Shallow and superficial, but she still has a good heart. Tavia did a great job as usual. I still like her as the tomboy in Yummy Yummy.


Bobby and Jess

They're so hilarious and cute, but Bobby's still too good for her.

Michael and Jess

I'm not convinced he ever loved her, but she sure loved him. Cheating on mean.

Bosco and Bobby

I was laughing so hard when Bosco thought Bobby was gay. And he actually thought he might be gay himself.

Bosco and Tavia

They're so compatible. I can't wait to see them in Heart of Greed.


Dicey's a great series. I love everything about it other than the fact that Bobby gets hurt too much. But the plot is interesting and the relationship between the characters are good too. But the poster's kinda disappointing for the series.


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