Sunday, April 01, 2007

Price of Greed Review

Picture Credits: TVB City and TVFanSquare and K for TVB

One word, disappointed. I heard about Samuel being evil and Shirley playing a mute and was quite interested, but Kate really ruined everything for me. The plot sucked in the beginning, got alittle better in the middle, and the end was ok.


I love Bosco's character. He's so smart and kind and funny. I especially love how he cares for his family. Eventhough he fights with Kingdom alot its tough love and they reconciliate for Shirley. They're so funny together.


I like Samuel and I'm so sad to see him leave TVB. He was ok in here. His character was evil, but I always believed there was a reason behind it, not just greed. I guess I should pay more attention to the title.


Kate got on my nerves the whole time. Her crying was not convincing and her expressions were really plain. I don't think she's pretty at all. Don't know why TVB is promoting her so much. And now I have to put up with her in Brink of Law. blehh.


Next to Kate, Shirley shined. She was adorable and she pulled off the whole mute thing really well. I love her crying scenes and her character is the best. She's so kind-hearted and sweet. I really wanted her to talk again.


Bosco and Kate

I don't know what Bosco sees in Kate. At the beginning she was so needy and insane, how could he love her?

Sam and Kate

I actually like them better than Bosco and Kate eventhough Sam doesn't love Kate. I really thought for a a teeny tiny little second that Sam loved Kate.

Bosco and Shirley

I was hoping with all my heart that Bosco would pick Shirley, but my heart broke for her. I cried when Shirley made a paper airplane and wished for everyone's happiness. I still love how he always cares for her and she for him.

Bosco, Shirley, and Kingdom

A close, but rather strange family. I love the beginning story where Bosco and Shirley get kidnapped and rescued by Kingdom. I think that's the best part of the series, to see how they came to love eachother.

I think the plot is interesting, but too messy. If you take out some parts and replace some actors *cough*kate*cough* it could've been a really good series, but....I repeat, disappointed.



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