Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Review: Land of Wealth

Credits to MetaAznWarrior at TVB Musings for the Synopsis and TVfanSquare for the poster.

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Cast: Moses Chan, Steven Ma, Sonija Kwok, Tavia Yeung

Silver, bank notes - the space between power, vanishing the oldThe commercial war joins the stage. Exciting the soul, frightening the heart!

Chai Bak Chuen (Moses Chan Ho) is a descendent of a government official. His family was framed and sentenced to beheading, but luckily, he managed to survive and escape. He becomes the disciple of Kiu Boon Yip (John Chiang Dai Wai), the boss of Shanxi's first bank, Ding Fung Sing.

Chuen realizes that Ba Ba Ha Yi Ko Wai (Sonija Kwok Sin Nei) is a foreigner because she feels inferior, so doesn't dare to show her love. Meanwhile, the Kiu's second young mistress, Kiu Jun (Tavia Yeung Yi) and the military aircraft official, Cheung Sung Man (Steven Ma Chun Wai) love each other. However, the couple's relationship, because Man has to impartially investigate Ding Fung Sing, meets conflicts.

On one occasion, Ding Fung Sing suffers from big storekeeper Cho Yu Tai's (Lau Dan) frame, almost causing them to go out of business. The imperial court doesn't end harsh laws and furthermore, it asks Ding Fung Sing to keep inflating money. Before Yip's death, he hands Ding Fung Sing to Chuen, who time and time again helped him to overcome difficulties. The merchant fights with wealth, government officials fight still with power. How can Chuen lead Ding Fung Sing in facing the corrupt late Qing government?

The Good
Costumes!!! - Like I said in my First Impressions, the costumes are really beatiful. I loved Tavia's costume from the start, and later on, when they get rich, Moses and Sonija has a nice wardrobe too. I also like Sonija's Mongolian outfit. I think, Steven just looks ok in his clothes. And Moses's hat really fits him.

Themesongs - When I first heard the themesong, I thought Moses sang it, but when I downloaded it, I found it was Eason Chan. He's pretty good. The beat of the song and everything really fits with the series. The subsong by Moses is nice too, but I couldn't find the full version of it. They don't play it that much.

The Ending clip - I really liked that they played the dramatic and important clips from the series at the end. Paired with the subsong, it makes me sad to see it end.

The Bad
Too Draggy - It was quite draggy in the beginning, but when John Chiang died, the story picked up more pace, and it got interesting.

Story - It was ok, but nothing special.

Formalness - Everyone was so nice and formal. They did have some funny parts, but it was that funny.

Moses and Sonija - They do look quite good together, but I thought they're love story lacked drama. I mean, having your girlfriend marry your boss is quite dramatic, but some how they made it boring.

Steven and Tavia - Sweet, but tragic. Somehow, I just feel that perhaps they're love isn't strong enough to with stand challenges and Steven loves Tavia more.

Tavia and Moses - Even though they didn't love eachother when they married, I believe Tavia fell in love with Moses. I'm not sure, but it sure seemed like it when she was dying in his arms. That was sad.

C it or Skip it?
Its an ok series, but if you want something light-hearted and funny, definitely skip it. If your interested in government and banking(yeah right) you should watch it. Tavia fans will like this one, she's so pretty in here. I don't like Moses or Steven in here. Sonija is just ok.